Installation of Counter Tops

Prior to installing the Megaslim® countertops care should be taken to check the cabinets and base units for strength and stability and that each unit is correctly fastened to the wall and to each other. The surface of the cabinets must be flush and free from any obstructions. Make allowance for any out of square cabinet if necessary.

The Megaslim® countertops should be placed over a sound solid and truly flat cabinet frames and where required, allow for additional support to the rear and cross members of the cabinets using an additional rail of approximate dimension of 100mm to 150mm in width.

When required, any additional cut-outs should be located well within the limits of a single cabinet unit and placed not less than 8cm from any side joint. For square cut-outs always allow for minimum radius of 5mm at each corner. Use only wet cutting tools to avoid generating excess heat to the tops. To adhere the tops to the cabinets, apply a continuous 10mm thick bead of adhesive over the edges of the cabinet. Glue down the Megaslim® countertops allowing a small gap between the countertop rear edge and the wall face of approximately 3 to 5mm. Level adjacent tops before the adhesive cures. Once tops are installed, allow additional time for the bonding adhesive to cure before any additional required cutting is performed.

When overhang are required, allow additional support. If necessary, make use of additional metal angle as support and adequate additional rails as spacers.

If matching panels are used to finish off splashback or feature walls, ensure 100% adhesive covering, do not spot-fix to walls.

When taps, top-mount or under-mount sinks are used, please ensure that these are fully supported by both the porcelain and the substrate.

Adhesive recommendations:
- Megaslim® to Cabinets - Sikaflex 252, Mapei Adesilex G19 or similar Polyurethane adhesive
- Megaslim® to Megaslim® - Tenax EpoxGres or Akemi Akepox 5010 or Integra Xi
- Megaslim® to perimeter - suitable colour natural curing Silicon
- Megaslim® to splashback - Laticrete 345 Platinum adhesive
- Megaslim® patching - lntegra Xi Bonder, Tenax EpoxGres or Akemi Akepox 5010