Care and Maintenance

The Megaslim® Porcelain Panels are high quality non-porous product that are stain, heat and highly scratch resistant that require minimum maintenance. Spills should be cleaned using a common household detergents and then rinsed with clean water. Do not use as a chopping board.

Routine cleaning - Best method to minimise stubborn stains is to immediately wash away stains such as red wine, food, oil or corrosive drinks by using warm water and with small quantities of a mild and non-abrasive household cleaner. Use a soft nonabrasive cloth. Do not use cleaners that have high alkaline or acidic pH levels, such as oven, or drain cleaners. Avoid acid or any of its combination especially on polished surfaces.

Stubborn stains - For stubborn stains use a nonabrasive cleaning product, magic sponge or normal house cleaning products that are cream based. To remove other hard substances that may adhere to surfaces always use a plastic scraper to gently remove material. Avoid the use of industrial and harsh chemicals on the surface of material, such as paints, paint strippers, permanent markers and inks. To remove permanent marker marks or other stubborn stains pour a smalll amount of White king Premium Bleach just over the stain and let sit for few hours, then wash off with warm water.

Heat resistant - Although Megaslim® is thermal shock resistant, it is always advisable to use a heat mat or similar as a normal practice when placing hot pots on the bench.

Scratch resistant - Megaslim® panels have a very hard surface and will easily withstand daily normal use. We though recommend to use cutting boards and avoid sliding heavy metallic objects along the surface.

For further technical information, please also refor to: EVERSTONE - Slim Slab Handling and Installation Manual.

Everstone has talken every care in providing accurate information in this document. MegaSlim® technical information may change without notice. For latest revision, please check on our web site at: