Besides the standard technical features of porcelain stoneware, the 6mm thick version offers a lightweight option which is extremely practical in the field of interior design and furniture, as well as for curtain walls or wall tiles mounted with a direct bonding method.

The inkjet ceramic technology allows for any collection and colour, a high number of different graphics, for an aesthetic effect of the flooring and cladding that is always varied and never repetitive.

This out-of-the-ordinary material guarantees stunning designs offering all the technological advantages of porcelain stoneware and allows floors and walls to be coordinated with the furniture featured in all the surrounding spaces.


- Extra large panels sizes, from 3200x1600 to 1200x1200*
- Thickness from 5.5mm to 6.5mm*
- Highly compacted porcelain stoneware
- Ligh weight thin panels
- Resistant to fungi
- Resistant to UV light
- Resistant to high heat
- Easily cut and drill on site
- Easy to clean and maintain

* Sizes and thickness subject to colour selection. Panels are supplied randomly, no selection possible

Technical details of porcelain panels

Standards limitsProduct valuesStandards
Water Absorption≤ 0.5%≤ 0.2%ISO 10545-3
 Module of Rupture≥ 35 N/mm2≥ 50 N/mm2ISO 10545-4
Frost ResistanceResistantResistantISO 10545-12
Thermal Shock ResistanceResistantResistantISO 10545-9
Deep Abrasion Resistance ≤ 175 mm3CompliantISO 10545-6
Chemical ResistanceUBULB; UHBISO 10545-13
 Stain ResistanceClass 3 (min)Class 4ISO 10545-14
 Colour ResistanceResistantResistantDIN 51094